2022 WDSF World Championship Formation | Standard & Latin, Braunschweig

Also this 2022 year you can look forward to exciting rounds and an unforgettable final at the WDSF World Championship Formation Standard & Latin. Formation dancing at the highest level at the world championship of standard dances in the formation of the “World DanceSport Federation” you will experience thrilling choreographies, accompanied by magical, classical music and spirited rhythms.

The Braunschweig TSC presents the world championship of formations standard in the Volkswagen Halle Braunschweig. The best teams in the world meet here to convince in the preliminary, intermediate and final round. Enjoy the expressive choreographies of the best couples in the world.

Rhythm/Style: Standard & Latin
Level of Dance: Competition
DATE: 15 October 2022
LOCATION: Braunschweig – Germany
Name of the Organiser: Braunschweig Tanz-Sport-Club e.V.


Product ID: 20137 Category:
1.Grün-Gold-Club BremenGER5
2.Moon DanceMGL8
3.TSG Bremerhaven e.V.GER6
6.HSV Zwölfaxing A-TeamAUT2


1.Braunschweiger TSCGER6
2.Tanzsportteam im ASC Göttingen AGER7
3.TSK Juventus Wien A-TeamAUT1
4.Jantar – ElblagPOL13
5.DSV Sway of Life (A Team)NED11
6.TSC Schwarz Gold A-Team StandardAUT2


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