2019 Blackpool Dance Festival Ballroom (2DVD)

Become enthralled by ultimate performances by the world’s top ballroom dancers from continents all over the world on this double disc set of the 2019 Blackpool Dance Festival. The charm of standard dance is fully presented, while the tension of competition stirs your mind with every high complexity move. Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio from England made a giant breakthrough to win first place in the professional group, while Russian dance couple Fedor Isaev & Anna Zudilina championed the amateur group. Discover the must-see performances by top dancers when you unlock these 2 DVDs and press play!
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Level of Dance: Professional & Amateur
Format: DVD / All Regions


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2019 Blackpool Dance Festival DVD / Professional & Amateur Ballroom
Final Demonstration of Professional Ballroom:1. Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio, England

2. Domen Krapez & Natasha Karabey, Germany

3. Valerio Colantoni & Monica Nigro, Italy

4. Aleksandr Zhiratkov & Irina Novozhilova (aka Popovic), Russia

5. Stanislav Zelianin & Irina Cherepanova, Russia

6. Sergiu Rusu & Dorota Rusu (aka Makar), Poland

7. Stas Portanenko & Nataliya Kolyada, Ukraine

Final Demonstration of Amateur Ballroom:1. Fedor Isaev & Anna Zudilina, Russia

2. Kyle Taylor & Izabela Skierska, England

3. Igor Reznik & Mariya Polischuk, Ukraine

4. Michal Le & Sandra Jablonska, Poland

5. Si Cheng Li & Liis End, China

6. Artem Kuklin & Alika Dikaya, Ukraine


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