NDMI – Ballroom Fantasia (2CD)


ALBUM ARTIST: Olivato Dancesport Orchestra

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1Un Giorno Per Noi (A Time For Us) (from ‘Romeo & Juliet’) (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianSoundtrack3:31
2Con Tutto L’Amore Che Posso (instrumental version) (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra3:01
3Trust (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:35
4Song From A Secret Garden (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra3:07
5A Mano A Mano (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:43
6In The Darkness (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:30
7Je T’Aime (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra feat. VGfrenchPop2:10
8Sunrise (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:33
9Napule ‘E (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop2:50
10Images (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:51
11Lei (‘She’) (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop2:37
12Shadows (Slow Waltz 29)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:35
13Valsinha (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop2:47
14Le Onde (Slow Waltz 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:32
15Para Ti (Tango 32)Daniele ZappalàinstrumentalOrchestra2:26
16Tango 20 (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:51
17Transilvania (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:12
18Morfeus (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:41
19Maniatango (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:11
20Frenetik (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:11
21El Viento (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:48
22Dark Night (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:42
23Dance As Fire (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:42
24Night Train (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:41
25Tango Por Dos (Tango 32)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:27
26A Chi Mi Dice (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:22
27A Donde Voy (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishMusette & Chanson/Folk/Gipsy2:09
28Il Cielo E Blu Sopra Le Nuvole (Viennese Waltz 59)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop4:20
29Non Smetto Di Aspettarti (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:01
30The Meeting Of Two Hearts (Viennese Waltz 59)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrainstrumentalPop4:08
31Viennese Perduto (Viennese Waltz 58)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:43
32Voilà (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrafrenchOrchestra3:10
33La Buleria (Viennese Waltz 58)Alessandro OlivatoitalianOrchestra3:15
34Laputa Castle In The Sky (from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’) (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport Orchestra feat. M. Di StefanoinstrumentalSoundtrack2:44
35Fantasia (Viennese Waltz 58)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra2:44
36Il Mestiere Della Vita (Viennese Waltz 58)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianPop3:16
37L.O.V.E. (Slowfox 28)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:56
38Sway (Quien Sera) (Slowfox 29)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:42
39Jukebox (Slowfox 29)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:41
40Differenza Tra Te E Me (Slowfox 28)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraitalianSwing4:03
41Close To You (Slowfox 28)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:47
42Besame Mucho (Slowfox 28)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraspanishSwing3:31
43Forever With Me (Slowfox 29)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:48
44I’ll Get By (Slowfox 28)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:29
45Trumpet Swing (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoinstrumentalOrchestra3:09
46Mambo Italiano (Quickstep 50)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:45
47Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) (Quickstep 50)Olivato Dancesport OrchestraenglishSwing2:19
48Start The Show (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:38
49Let’s Go Paris (Lido De Paris Themesong) (Quickstep 50)Olivato Dancesport OrchestrafrenchNu Jazz/Electro Swing2:45
50You Don’t Sleep Tonight (Quickstep 50)Alessandro OlivatoenglishSwing2:48


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