West Coast Swing – 22 Foundation Patterns vol.1

Learn the 22 Foundation Patterns of West Coast Swing from the legend, Skippy Blair. Skippy Blair is considered one of the founders of modern West Coast Swing. She is an icon in the swing world and referred to by many as the “Teacher’s Teacher” and the “First Lady of Swing”. For almost 70 years, she has been an inspiration to tens of thousands of dancers across the country.
Rhythm/Style: West Coast Swing
Dancer (Instructor): Skippy Blair
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 60 min.

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Disc 1 takes you through the first 10 of the foundation patterns, which includes the following:
• Foot Positions
• Triple Rhythm Break & Anchor
• Left Side Pass
• Underarm Turn
• Continuous Right Side Pass
• Single Right Side Pass
• Hand Change Starter Step
• Underarm w/ Hand Change
• Turning Basic
• Slingshot Rollout
• Rotational Starter Step


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