The Christmas Dance Collection (2CD)

ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife
ALBUM ARTIST: Dancelife Studio Orchestra & Joe Bourne
ALBUM DANCE: Christmas Music

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1Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer (Social Foxtrot 36)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:24
2Wonderful Christmas Time (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:33
3Jingle Bell Rock, Winter Wonderland, Let It Snow, Jingle Bells (Social Foxtrot 37)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music4:00
4With Bells On (Quickstep 51)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:20
5The First Noel (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:59
6What Child Is This (Slow Waltz 35)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:34
7Little Shepherd (Slow Waltz 29)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:00
8I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Slowfox 28)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:32
9Weisse Weihnacht (Slowfox 27)Joe BournegermanChristmas Music2:47
10The Christmas Song (Social Foxtrot 35)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music3:34
11I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Tango 32)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:36
12Little Drummer Boy (Tango 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:38
13Christmas Morning (Viennese Waltz 59)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:36
14Christmas With J. B. (edit) (Viennese Waltz 60)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music3:30
15(It’s The) Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Viennese Waltz 62)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:46
16Es Weihnachtet Sehr (Social Foxtrot 36)Joe BournegermanChristmas Music2:33
17This Christmas (Social Foxtrot 54)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:47
18A Christmas Song (live version) (Quickstep 50)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:41
19Happy Birthday To You (Slow Waltz & Cha Cha) (Showmusic 00)Joe BourneenglishBirthday Music2:07
20Last Christmas (Cha Cha 27)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music4:15
21Jedes Jahr Um Diese Zeit (Cha Cha 29)Joe BournegermanChristmas Music2:59
22Gee Whizz, It’s Christmas (Cha Cha 31)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:29
23Dear Santa (Cha Cha 32)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:20
24Christmas Will Really Be Christmas (Samba 49)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:43
25May Christmas Bring You Happiness (Samba 51)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:12
26The Christmas Song (Rumba 25)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:12
27Merry Christmas Everybody (Jive 35)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:10
28Christmas Every Day (Jive 30)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:47
29Frosty The Snowman (Jive 38)Joe BourneenglishChristmas Music2:09
30What Christmas Means To Me (Jive 44)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music2:37
31Lonely This Christmas (Blues 19)Dancelife Studio OrchestraenglishChristmas Music3:04
32Veleta (Veleta 52)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalChristmas Music3:35
33St. Bernards Waltz (St. Bernards Waltz 57)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:57
34Polka (Polka 40)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:36
35Cross Polka (Cross Polka 41)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra2:51
36Spanish Waltz (Spanish Waltz 61)Dancelife Studio OrchestrainstrumentalOrchestra3:27


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