East Coast Swing – Intermediate I Syllabus

Rhythm/Style: East Coast Swing
Dancer (Instructor): Paul Overton & Sharon Ashe
Level of Dance: Intermediate
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 77 min.

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1) Alternating Underarm Turns
2) Jigwalks in Open and Closed Position
3) Outside Tuck and Follower’s Double Turn
from Closed Position
4) Cuddle to Wheel with Follower’s Roll Out and Outside Turn
5) Leader’s Sneak Out to Follower’s
Side Pass with Twist Away Ending
6) Hip Catch to Double Hairbrush
7) Follower’s Forward Swivels to Leader’s London Bridge
8) Side by Side Camel Walk
9) Follower’s Side Pass to Hammerlock with Free Spin
10) Right to Right Jump with a Same Side Tuck


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