NDMI – Latin Infinity (2CD)


Latin Infinity is the latest Latin release from NDMI. This doulble CD set has 48 new recordings from the popular Olivato Dancesport Orchestra, providing good value.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casaphon


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1Mea Samba (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Samba50
2Smurfette (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoSamba51
3Sicilia Bedda – Olivato Orch.Samba51
4Trohona (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoSamba50
5Into The Drums (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Samba51
6Vibes (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoSamba51
7Dragonstea Din Tei – Olivato Orch.Samba51
8Ghana (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoSamba50
9Magic Rhythm (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Samba51
10Riba (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoSamba51
11Ummm! (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Samba51
12Veladas Cubana (inst.) – Mattia Di Renzo ft. Nello PaladinoSamba51
13Barroca (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Samba51
14Fuera De Programa (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoCha Cha31
15Baila – Olivato Orch.Cha Cha31
16Gimme A Chance – Mattia Di Renzo ft. Mimmo PreziosoCha Cha31
17Buscame – Olivato Orch.Cha Cha31
18Ecipa (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoCha Cha31
19In My Mind – Olivato Orch.Cha Cha31
20Cha Cha Manile (inst.) – Mattia Di Renzo ft. Nello PaladinoCha Cha31
21Senora – Olivato Orch.Cha Cha31
22Project 1 (inst.) – Mattia Di Renzo ft. Nello PaladinoCha Cha31
23Sabroso (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Cha Cha31
24Tu Yo – Mattia Di RenzoCha Cha31
25Sabrina (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
26Shimmer (inst.) – Mattia Di Renzo & Olivato Orch.Rumba24
27Dirty Diana – Mattia Di Renzo ft. N. Paladino & J. VilottaRumba24
28Hey – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
29Giant – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
30Shallow – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
31Sabor A Mi – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
32Don’t Call Me Up – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
33Historia De Un Amor – Sienta El RitmoRumba24
34Someone You Loved – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
35Teach You A lesson – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
36Dancing With A Stranger – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
37Falling Like The Stars – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
38I Don’t Care – Olivato Orch.Rumba24
39La Gracia (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Pasodoble59
40Espana Cani (short version) (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoPasodoble59
41A Wonderful Time Up There – Olivato Orch.Jive43
42Funk (inst.) – Mattia Di RenzoJive43
43Baby Workout – Olivato Orch.Jive43
44Bible Belt – Olivato Orch.Jive43
45Rock Party (inst.) – Olivato Orch.Jive43
46Southbound – Olivato Orch.Jive43
47Thumbs – Olivato Orch.Jive43
48Shake – Olivato Orch.Jive43


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