IDSF Academy Rumba Syllabus

International Dancesport Federation IDSF Academy Academy Rumba Syllabus.  The DVD contains the complete IDSF syllabus in each dance and have a section dedicated to the origin and history of the dance and it’s related music.
Rhythm/Style: Rumba
Dancer (Instructor):Presented by Barbara Nagode Ambroz featuring Zoran Plohl & Tatsiana Lahvinovich.
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Rumba – Basic Syllabus
1 Basic Movement
2 Open Basic Movement
3 Alternative Basic Movement
4 Progressive Walks
5 Side Steps
6 Cucarachas
7 Side Steps and Cucarachas
8 Hand to Hand
9 Check from Open CPP and Open PP
10 Shoulder to Shoulder
11 Spot Turn
12 Switch Turn
13 Underarm Turn
14 Opening Out to R and L
15 Cuban Rocks
16 Fan
17 Fan Development
18 Open Hip Twist
19 Hockey Stick
20 Alemana
21 Natural Opening Out to R
22 Natural Opening Out Movement
23 Fencing
24 Syncopated Cuban Rock
25 Sliding Doors
26 Fallaway / Aida
27 Spiral
28 Curl
29 Rope Spinning
30 Three Alemanas
31 Closed Hip Twist
32 Close Hip Twist
33 Advanced Hip Twist
34 Continuous Hip Twist
35 Continuous Circular Hip Twist
36 Three Threes
37 Natural Top
38 Reverse Top
39 Opening Out from Reverse Top



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