Freedom Through Breathing (5-video)


Did it happen to you to get stressed and tense before and during a dance competition? Would you like to be more focused? Also, is your wish to add more dimension to your movements?

The answer to all of these different questions is one: learn how to breathe correctly!

  • Control your mind through your breathing patterns.
  • Adapt your posture through correct breathing.
  • Use breathing to create different dynamics in your routines.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor): Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar
Level of Dance: All levels
Format: Full HD
Timing: 45 minutes


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What You’ll find In This Course

‍The course is structured in three parts. In the first chapter, Paul & Cristina will show how deficient breathing can influence your mental state and affect your performance. In the second part, they explain how faulty breathing patterns can affect your body, especially your stamina. Lastly, Paul & Cristina shed light on how you can use breathing to play with your steps during your routine by creating a different dynamic.

The course is very unique and could be illuminating for many dancers out there, Latin or Ballroom!

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction 4:38 min
  2. Mental Benefits 6:54 min
  3. Physical Benefits 7:03 min
  4. Posture & Dynamics 15:19 min
  5. BONUS Course – Qualities Of A Long-Lasting Partnership 11 min


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