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Presented by World Dancesport Federation, WDSF Technique Books delves into the world of professional, competitive standard and Latin dancing. Consisting of 10 separate books, this entire set focuses on the main principles, skill set and particular techniques of 10 major standard and Latin dance schools, such as Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Rumba and more!

This ideal book introduces the techniques of Cha Cha and provides sufficient background knowledge and helpful techniques to assist in improving your emotion and technical skill while dancing this one of kind style.

DANCE: Cha Cha
BOOK GENRE: Basic Technique & Basic Syllabus
PUBLISHER: World DanceSport Federation
PAGES: 228

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Based on the analysis of movements of leading couples, the technique described in the established basic-technique-books is now developed to latest technical knowledge in dance sport. All common basic figures of the dance are described in detail in chart form. Additionally, there is a detailed explanation of the Latin Specific Principles and Dance Specific Principles and a list of possible combinations of figures.


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