American Style Rhythm – Rumba Gold Variations

Rhythm/Style: American Style Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Chris Morris
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions

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Produced in 1993

1) Back Spot Turn to Lady’s Kick & Free Spin
2) Swivel Lunge to Back Bend and Rhonde
3) Rhonde to Telemark and Man’s Wrap In
4) Lady’s Freespin to Bend and Ripple
5) Quick Side Check to Leg Crawl and Head Roll
6) Forward Spot Check to Separation to Knee Lift Back Bend
7) Lunge Roll to Explosion, Layout and Quick Swivel Catch
8) Side By Side Checks to Figure Four Leg Line and Neck Drop
9) Quick Sit Break to Continuous Spins and Around the World
10) Pot Stirrer to Lunge and Death Drop

Approximately 80 minutes


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