American Style Rhythm – Mambo Bronze Variations

Rhythm/Style: American Style Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Chris Morris
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Produced in 1993

1) Alternating Underarm Turns
2) Crossover and Flick and Fifth Position Break
3) Opposition Break to Back Spot Turn and Swivels
4) Right Hand Crossbody Lead with Underarm Turn to Head-loop
5) Open Flick and Back Spot Turn to Fallaway Crossover
6) Progressive Spiral to Side By Side Cuban Break
7) Continuous Grapevine to Ronde and Swivels
8) Lady’s Wrap and Tuck
9) Man’s Flatback to Kick and Ronde Break
10) Open Swivels to Back Bend
Approximately 40 minutes


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