Salsa Millennium Men’s Spins

World Famous husband and wife team, Al, Liquid Silver Espinoza and Edie, The Salsa FREAK have created a new and unique style of Salsa called Millennium Style. This new style is a combination of Hip Hop, Pop-Locking and Salsa. It emphasizes focusing your dance and body movements to hits and breaks within the music, rather than just specific timing. We see it on stage, so why not on the social dance floor? Millennium Style emphasizes tighter footwork, enhanced hip and body movements, and shortened to negligible energy and space-saving steps that are now replacing the dated long front and back steps formally taught in the dance.
Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Dancer (Instructor): Al & Edie Espinoza
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 60 min.


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The DVD every man has been dying for. Not only does Al explain how to turn and spin like the pros, but he demonstrates the technical preparation and foot placement required to keep you balanced and in control for virtually every type of spins. Half of the DVD is technical preparation for single, double, and multiple spins, and the other half demonstrates how to apply those spins to certain turn patterns with a partner of any level. The techniques taught in this DVD are a pre-requisite and foundation to the entire series. The perfect gift for the man in your life!


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