Baltic Grand Prix 35

Baltic Grand Prix 35. This fantastic dance album features 10 vocal tracks and 10 instrumental tracks for Latin and Standard dancing. Get ready to move with exciting new tracks, as well as six new songs performed by the Mirage Jazz Orchestra. This CD is guaranteed to get you in the mood for dancing!

Rhythm/Style: Mix (Std & Lat)
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Casa Musica

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  Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01TimesSlow Waltz282:44Johny M
02ElegijaSlow Waltz292:38Mirage Jazz Orchestra
03Querer (from Alegria)Tango324:03Carlos Ortega
04NoktirneTango322:00Mirage Jazz Orchestra
05La Petite MortViennese Waltz593:27Beatrix
06Jurin Prasa Smalku TikluViennese Waltz591:59Mirage Jazz Orchestra
07Oops!… I Did It AgainSlowfox283:11Cadence
Kuko, Kuko DzeguziteSlowfox292:46Mirage Jazz Orchestra
09Lai tik listQuickstep502:13Mirage Jazz Orchestra
10Can not Touch It (from Sex & The City 2)Quickstep503:00BV Swing Project
11Como Le Gusta a Tu CuerpoSamba513:59Emiliano
12Cold WaterSamba503:04DJ Rico Latino
13Le Cha Cha ChaCha Cha312:19Clement
14Better When I am Dancing (Tropical Mix)Cha Cha313:04Cadence
15Ilgais Cels KapasRumba252:54Mirage Jazz Orchestra
16Same Old Love (Latin Version)Rumba253:44Bryony
17Espana Cani (corrida mix)Paso Doble602:03Prandi Sound Orchestra
18El Pedrito (short version)Paso Doble601:22Prandi Sound Orchestra
19American Kids (Swing Mix)Jive432:40Peter Franks
20Freedom (Remix)Jive432:44DJ Rico Latino


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