Andy Wong – Ballroom Dancing Paso Doble (3DVD)

 3 Dances: Basic Technique & Bronze Paso Doble routine, Silver Paso Doble routine, Gold Paso Doble routine

This collection consists of three complete instructional videos on the Paso Doble. It starts off with Andy teaching the fundamental technique and steps of this exciting Latin dance. This is then followed by a detailed demonstration and instruction of three complete Paso Doble routines. The first is a Bronze routine using Bronze syllabus figures. The second is a Silver routine incorporating Silver syllabus figures. The third is a Gold routine using Gold syllabus steps. This collection features our director, Andy Wong, and instructor, Linda Chen, teaching and demonstrating all the steps.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor): Andy Wong & Linda Chen
Level of Dance: All levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 3 hr


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Every one of the four sides of the routine is shown a number of times in expert detail and includes:

  • Full description and demonstration of the steps
  • Front and reverse angle views of man’s steps only
  • Front and reverse angle views of the lady’s steps only
  • Front and reverse angle views of the couple dancing together with music
  • Proper technique of leading and following


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