2020 UK Open Dance Championships Latin (2 DVD)

Wait no more to be amazed by the ultimate expressions presented by the international Latin dance talents at the grand 2020 UK Open Championships, which took place in Bournemouth International Centre during 1/21~1/23. Chronicling only the best moments of bold expressions and high techniques, this double disc album is a must-have for your dance competition video collection to be appreciated time and time again.

Professional Latin:
Stefano Di Filippo & Dasha from Italy triumphed in the 2020 professional Latin championships, alongside other talented finalists who presented effortless performances throughout the entire show. You will feel the heat of each routine with this fabulous disc.

Amateur Latin:
First place in the amateur Latin category belongs to Klemen Prasnikar & Alexandra Averkieva from Slovenia after demonstrating a passionate performance with clear and dynamic footwork. Watch in amazement as the fiery memories of the show unfold!

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Level of Dance: Professional & Amateur
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Professional Latin:
1. Stefano Di Filippo & Dasha, Italy
2. Troels Bager & Ina Jeliazkova, Usa
3. Dorin Frecautanu & Marina Sergeeva, England
4. Kirill Belorukov & Polina Teleshova, Russia
5. Nino Langella & Andra, Italy
6. Nikita Brovko & Olga Urumova, Russia
Amateur Latin:
1. Klemen Prasnikar & Alexandra Averkieva, Slovenia
2. Petar Daskalov & Zia James, England
3. Salvatore Sinardi & Viktoria Kharchenko ,Italy
4. Damir Haluzan & Anna Mashchyts, Slovenia
5. Alexander Chernositov & Arina Grishanina, USA
6. Tagir Mansurov & Sasha Kondrashova,USA


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