The Lounge Legends Ballroom Collection Vol.1

Rhythm/Style: Slow waltz & Paso doble
Type: Instrumental
Brand: The Lounge Legends


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Vol.I Slow waltz & Paso doble (00:57:56)

Slow waltz

01. Theme from “Papillon”
Manuel and the music of the mountains
02. Melanie
Orchester Bela Sanders
03. Down in the valley
Hugo Strasser und sein Tanzorchester und
die Harmonica Sound Band
04. Melancholy dreams
Orchester Erich Bachmann
05. Roswitha
Max Greger jr. und sein Orchester
06. London by night
Sydney Thompson and his Orchestra
07. Oleander
Paul Kuhn & Orchester
08. Valse d ‘amour
Gunter Noris und die Big Band der Bundeswehr
09. You and me
Tanzorchester Ambros Seelos
10. Komm lieber Mai und mache
Studio Tanzorchester Klaus Hallen
11. Song of my life
Tony Evans his Orchestra and Singers

Paso doble

12. Espana cani
Max Greger und sein Orchester
13. Heureka
Orchester Erich Bachmann
14. Granada
Sydney Thompson and his Orchestra
15. Al sibarita
Tanzorchester Rudi Bohn
16. El supremo
Hugo Strasser und sein Tanzorchester
17. Torero
Orchester Bela Sanders
18. Toque torero
Orchester Werner Tauber
19. Spanish matador
Tony Evans his Orchestra and Singers
20. Spanish trumpet
Studio Tanzorchester Klaus Hallen
21. El pico
Andy Ross and his Orchestra
22. Granat pasodoble
Gunter Noris Big Band, Strings and Chorus


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