Get Certified! How To Train For Your Professional Exams

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This DVD 160 minutes and the Guidebook is 55 pages.

The Guidebook provides a complete written guide to ProDVIDA certification exams. You will find details on exam logistics and procedures, many of which are not discussed in the visual media. This guidebook also documents key information from the visual media, such as an explanation of each of the dance elements, a list of what will be required on your exam, and a list of the specific teaching questions you will be asked on your exams.

The visual media (DVD) provides an overview of the exam process. You will see detailed demonstrations of each dance element as well as many examples of exam questions correctly answered and demonstrated. The visual media also contains two mock one dance exams from beginning to end: an American Rhythm Junior Associate Rumba exam and an American Smooth Associate Waltz exam. Watching these exams being demonstrated will demystify what your own exam may be like.
Dancer (Instructor): Alison Hurwitz & Eldon Bryce
Format: DVD / All Regions




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1) Introduction to the DVIDA Certification Examination

2) Part A – The Dancing Portion of the Exam
a) Criteria & Demonstration
b) Dancing the Solo Amalgamation

3) Part B – The Theory Portion of the Exam
a) An Introduction to the Elements
b) Foot Positions
c) Alignment
d) Amount of Turn
e) Rise & Fall
f) Footwork
g) Timing
h) Sway
i) CBM (Contra Body Movement)
j) Leads
k) Summary

4) Part C – The Teaching Methodology Portion of the Exam

5) Part D – The Overall Presentation

6) Mock One Dance Examinations
a) Junior Associate American Style Rumba
b) Associate American Style Waltz


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