Simply The Best Foxtrot Part 1

The legendary ballroom champions, Marcus and Karen, dedicate all their dancing life to you by teaching their secrets of dancing in this video.To begin with the explanation of the preparatory step as a technique of this dance. Dancing the basic group to the music and to the slow teaching count in different directions, then they explain each figures in detail dealing with the actions and reactions, conclude with some important key points.
Rhythm/Style: Slow Foxtrot
Dancer (Instructor): Marcus & Karen Hilton
Level of Dance: For Absolute Beginners
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 95 min.


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    • Character
    • Preparatory step

1st group

      (1)Feather Step
      (2)Reverse Turn
      (3)Three Step
      (4)Hover Cross
      (5)Open Telemark
      (6)Open Natural Turn (8 bars)

2nd group

      (1)Outside swivel
      (2)Extended Weave from PP
      (3)Reverse Wave, Back Feather, Reverse Wave
    (4)Impetus Turn



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