Standard Faultfinder Series – Viennese Waltz

Philip Banyer was born in London, England. He started dancing at the age of 6 years old and competed from 8 years old. Eventually becoming the British Champion at Blackpool. He now lives near Zurich. Most of his work is giving lessons in Tango Argentine, Standard/ballroom. Also another part is teaching wedding couples and training dance competitors. He is president of SDSC (Swiss Dance Sport Council).

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Level of Dance: Beginners – Intermediate
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx.: 80 min.


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Section 1:
Change Steps, Natural and Reverse Turns,

Section 2:
Contra Check, Natural and Reverse Fleckerls.
Left Whisk, Pivots, Reverse Pivots, Ronde, Spins, Two Bar Contra Check


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