The Ultimate Ballroom Album 15 – Reaching For The Moon

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: WRD

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 The Ultimate Ballroom Album 15 – Reaching For The Moon (2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
01Jump Swing Bluesquickstep503:47Rick Krive
02Box Of Secretsquickstep503:29Zarif
03Ain\’t No Big Thingquickstep503:00Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack
04Sing Sing Sing radio mixquickstep513:43Bebo Best & The Lounge Orch
05A Cool Cat In Townquickstep513:18Tpe Five Feat Brenda Boykin
06Ging Ginga Dingquickstep502:53Joe Turley
07Tu Vuo\’ Fa L\’Americanoquickstep503:03Dany Brillant
08Bei Mir Bist Du Schonquickstep502:18The Puppini Sisters
09That Manquickstep503:59Caro Emerald
10Cha Chaquickstep503:18Chelo
11I Believe In Youslow foxtrot293:04Bobby Darin
12La Belle Vieslow foxtrot293:11Dany Brillant
13Mercyslow foxtrot293:37R.Wycoff Big Band
14Too Close For Comfortslow foxtrot293:02Natalie Cole
15Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrongslow foxtrot292:36Bobby Darin
16Fascinating Rhythmslow foxtrot293:14Ella Fitzgerald
17Lullaby Of Birdlandslow foxtrot293:34Robin McKelle
18Alright OK You Winslow foxtrot292:57Bette Midler
19I\’ve Got The World On A Stringslow foxtrot292:04Robin McKelle
20Moondanceslow foxtrot294:29Van Morrison
21Coney Islandwaltz292:39John Barry
The Ultimate Ballroom Album 15 – Reaching For The Moon(2CD)
Track NameRhythmBPMTimeArtist
22O Mio Babbinowaltz292:32Hollywood Bowl Orch
23Dreamcatcherwaltz293:07Secret Garden
24Bus Stopwaltz292:26Hans Zimmer
25No Potho Reposarewaltz294:04Jovanna Cherchi
26Searching For The Pastwaltz292:28Secret Garden
27Reaching For The Moonwaltz292:28Lizz Wright
28Sandy’s Songwaltz293:02Dolly Parton
29Could I Have This Dancewaltz293:19Anne Murray & Amy Grant
30Come Away With Mewaltz293:02Norah Jones
31Tango D’Amourtango313:25Joe Loss Orch
32Ole Guapatango313:33Orq. Tango Cafe
33Feliciatango313:11Orq. Tango Cafe
34Comme Il Fauttango303:16Mandragora Orch
35Mi Tierratango324:13Velada Project
36I Miss Youtango314:14Velada Project
37Pa’ Bailartango313:52Bajofondo
38El Amancertango314:38Mandragora Orch
Christofori’s Dreamviennese waltz593:25David Lanz Orch
40Anniversary Songviennese waltz592:42Geoff Love Orch


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