Hisao Sudo – Best Selection For Ballroom Dancing

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Hisao Sudo


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  1. Chi Mai (SW)
  2. Sherezade (SW)
  3. Piano Concerto (SW)
  4. Meditation Aus Thais (SW)
  5. Haunted Guitar (SW)
  6. Somewhere in Time (SW)
  7. Felicia (T)
  8. Ole Guapa (T)
  9. A La Gran Muneca (T)
  10. Tango Argentino (T)
  11. Twilight (T)
  12. Brumoso (T)
  13. Lean Baby (SF)
  14. Somewhere In Time (SF)
  15. Misty (SF)
  16. Les Paraplus De Cherbourg (SF)
  17. Time After Time (SF)
  18. To Love Again (SF)
  19. Sing Sing Sing (QS)
  20. That’s A Plenty (QS)
  21. I Don’t Mean A Thing (QS)
  22. The Sound Of Philadelphia (QS)
  23. American Patrol (QS)
  24. G’schichten a.d. Wienerwald (W)
  25. Estudiantina (W)
  26. Under Paris Skies (W)


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