Master Evolution Camp 2020 (Package)


This 12-video package from Master Evolution Camp 2020 covers a wide range of subjects from tips & tricks, character of a dance, musicality, and technique.

Your Instructors
Anastasia Titkova, Anna de Grande, Domenico Soale, Emanuel Valeri, Irina Solomatina, Jaroslav Kucera, Karina Rubio, Mirko Gozzoli, Frederic Mosa, Lasse Ødegaard, Pietro Braga, Sergiu Luca.

The list of teachers includes a very good variety of dancesport legends, renowned teachers, and popular WDSF adjudicators.

Rhythm/Style: Ballroom & Latin
Level of Dance: Intermediate/Advanced
Format: Full HD


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Course Curriculum

  1. Anastasia Titkova – The Skills of A Woman in Standard Dances (39:15)
  2. Anna de Grande – The Technical Touch in Rumba (40:55)
  3. Domenico Soale – The Skills and Tricks To Dance An Interesting Quickstep (35:01)
  4. Emanuel Valeri – The Skills and Tricks To Dance An Interesting Tango (44:50)
  5. Irina Solomatina – Slow Waltz and The 3 Important Actions: Swing, Sway, Shape (39:32)
  6. Jaroslav Kucera – Jive Is Not Rock’n’Roll (35:24)
  7. Karina Rubio – Paso Doble and Its Characteristics (42:41)
  8. Mirko Gozzoli – Viennese Waltz and Its Technical Actions (50:14)
  9. Frederic Mosa – The Details Make The Difference in Latin (38:55)
  10. Lasse Ødegaard – The Experience and Evolution of A World Champion (43:01)
  11. Pietro Braga – How To Make The Interpretation Interesting, Using The Musical Structure (28:17)
  12. Sergiu Luca – Musicality Is Stronger Than “To be in time“ (29:28)


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