Simply The Best Tango Part 1

The legendary ballroom champions, Marcus and Karen, dedicate all their dancing life to you by teaching their secrets of dancing in this video.Beginning wiht a demonstration of basic group composed of basic figures, the Hiltons then explain some topics on Posture, Balance, Standing Position, and Connection Points. The explanation of each figure will follow by showing you the cations accompanied with reactions so that you can grasp very important key points in detail.
Rhythm/Style: Tango
Dancer (Instructor): Marcus & Karen Hilton
Level of Dance: For Absolute Beginners
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 78 min.


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    • Posture
    • Balance
    • Standing position
    • Connection

1st group

    • (1)2 Walks and Progressive Link


    • (2)Closed Promenade


    • (3)4 Step


    • (4)Promenade Link


    • (5)Open Reverse Turn (Lady outside) Open Finish


    • (6)Outside Swivel to PP

2nd group

    • (1)1-3 of Natural Promenade Turn


    • (2)Rock Turn to PP


    • (3)Chase (step 1-5)


    • (4)PP Chasse to Right, Whisk to PP


    (5)Whisk to PP



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