Simply The Best Slow Waltz Part 2

Karen and I hope that both your knowledge and enjoyment of Dance will continue with this, our second video in the “Simply the Best” series. You will see how we have developed basic movements and actions into more complex groups including many line figures. With the Waltz groups, try to continue the swing,rotate and turn principle, especially in and out of any line figure. Remember to use this video along with both “Simply the Best 1” and also “Beautiful Basics”, to continue the importance of basic principles throughout. Most of all we hope you enjoy this video and Happy Dancing!
Rhythm/Style: Waltz
Dancer (Instructor): Marcus & Karen Hilton
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 91 min.


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Group 1
1. Natural spin turn
2. Overturned lock to PP
3. Running weave
4. Tumble turn
5. Hinge line
6. Natural pivot
7. Rudolph ronde
8. Reverse pivot

Group 2
1. Open telemark
2. Side lock to the Left
3. Right lunge
4. Chasse to Right
5. Outside change
6. Back check
7. Natural pivot
8. Running chasse
9. Oversway


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