Lindy Hop – Charleston Challenge (2DVD)

Lindy Hop / Charleston Challenge DVD – 2 DVD Combo Set. Taught by Carla Heiney & Kevin St. Laurent, US Open Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Champions. In this video you will receive easy to follow, detailed instructions on an assortment of Charleston movements from Beginner all the way through Masters. Here is a sample of of some ideas on this DVD. Solo charleston, 1920s Partnered Charleston, Variations in 1920s partnered Charleston, Tandem (*shadow) Charleston, Side-by-side partner charleston, Hand-2-hand Charleston, Hacksaws and variations, variations in and out of different charleston moves. All of this is THE LINDY HOP and part of Swing Dancing! There are also demos of the dance in a social dance context. Kevin & Carla were World Lindy Hop Champions, American Lindy Hop Champions, US Open Swing Dance Champions, and have danced in movies and on television as well. Learn from experienced instructors who still travel to teach this dance form all over the world today.
Run time:2 hours and 15 minutes



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The Charleston Challenge is the latest addition to Kevin and Carla’s excellent series of Lindy Hop instructional DVDs.
In two intense DVDs, it offers you extensive coverage of the Charleston — as a solo dance, a
partner dance and, most importantly, as a “spicey” component of Lindy Hop and all swing dancing.
As always, Kevin and Carla provide easy-to-follow, detailed instruction on an assortment of Charleston movements
suitable for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced dancers. These videos can help experienced dancers add finesse
to their dancing and can teach raw beginners the essentials of Charleston.
The moves are dynamic, fun, & broken down into easily digestible pieces.
Most importantly, you will receive key ingredients on how to lead & follow the material presented.

DVD 1:
-Solo Charleston & Styling
-Jazz Routine (choreographed by Carla Heiney)
-1920’s Partnered/Face-to-Face Charleston
-Variations in Face-to-Face Charleston
-Variations in Side-by-Side Charleston


-Tandem/Shadow Charleston
-Transitions from Side-by-Side to Shadow
-Pop-turn to Hand-to-Hand
-Hacksaws with variations
-Partnered Jump Charleston
-And a few of Kevin & Carla’s Favorites
-Bonus Material and Social dance demos


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