International Standard Gold Quickstep Syllabus

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This DVD is an excellent reference for dancers and teachers of all levels. All basic syllabus figures are shown very clearly, one at the time by Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith, 5 times undefeated US. Professional Ballroom Champions, 3 times Ohio Star Ball Champions, 3 times North American Champions, Asian Pacific Professional Ballroom Champions and 5 times US. representatives to the World Championships.
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions


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24. Rumba Cross
25. Hover Corté
26. Tipsy Chassé to the Right
27. Tipsy Chassé to the Left
28. Zig Zag Back Lock Running Finish
Demonstration – Figures 24-28
29. Six Quick Run
30. Running Spin Turn
31. Cross Chassé
32. Running Cross Chassé
33. Passing Natural Turn
34. Change of Direction
Demonstration – Figures 29-34
Dance Demonstration

Running time 77 min.


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