International Standard Bronze Tango Syllabus

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This DVD is an excellent reference for dancers and teachers of all levels. All basic syllabus figures are shown very clearly, one at the time by Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith, 5 times undefeated US. Professional Ballroom Champions, 3 times Ohio Star Ball Champions, 3 times North American Champions, Asian Pacific Professional Ballroom Champions and 5 times US. representatives to the World Championships.
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Dance Posture & Hold
Tango Walks & Ranges of Motion
1. Progressive Link
2. Closed Promenade
3. Progressive Side Step
4. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn
5. Natural Twist Turn
6. Natural Rock Turn
7. Natural Promenade Turn
Demonstration – Figures 1-7
8. Open Promenade
9. Open Reverse Turn Partner Outside
10. Back Corté
11. Left Foot Rock
12. Right Foot Rock
13. Basic Reverse Turn
14. Open Reverse Turn in Line
Demonstration – Figures 8-14
Dance Demonstration


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