How To Make A Ballroom Dancing Hairstyle For Men (20 videos)


This course is a step-by-step program designed for Ballroom and 10-dancers to give you all the tools needed to have a champion’s hairstyle.

Madis Abel is a finalist in the WDSF Standard Adults World Championship, WDSF Standard European Championship, and GrandSlam Series. Until the present day, even though he’s quite young he counts many titles: WDSF Standard Youth European Champion and WDSF Standard U21 World Champion.

You will find 20 lectures divided into 5 sections: Preparing your hair, Basic principles, Blow drying, Hair spraying, and Common mistakes. This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately. You’ll also get my personal tips and explanations about my techniques.


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Lesson Plan

1. Intro
Finished Hairstyle – What We Are About To Learn (1:00 min)

2. Preparing Your Hair
Lecture 1 – How My Hair Is Cut (1:48 min)
Lecture 2 – What I Use To Do My Hairstyle (4:07 min)

3. Basic Principles
Lecture 3 – The Basic Principals Of Blow Drying (10:50 min)
Lecture 4 – The Basic Principals Of Hair Spraying And Using The Comb (3:51 min)

4. Blow Drying
Lecture 5 – How To Blow Dry Section 1 (2:38 min)
Lecture 6 – How To Blow Dry Section 2 (3:46 min)
Lecture 7 – How To Blow Dry Section 3 (4:46 min)
Lecture 8 – How To Blow Dry Sections 4-6 (10:18 min)
Lecture 9 – How To Make The Parting (6:54 min)

5. Hair Spraying
Lecture 10 – How To Hair Spray Sections 1-2 (11:58 min)
Lecture 11 – How To Hair Spray Section 3 (6:00 min)
Lecture 12 – How To Hair Spray Sections 4 (8:38 min)
Lecture 13 – Finishing Touches (7:18 min)

6. Common Mistakes To Avoid
Lecture 14 – Falling Big Side (10:16 min)
Lecture 15 – Falling Small Side (5:37 min)
Lecture 16 – Many Holes In The Front (1:14 min)
Lecture 17 – Brushing Out A Mistake (6:57 min)
Lecture 18 – No Sharp Line On The Big Side (3:17 min)
Lecture 19 – Hairspray Turns White After Blow Drying (2:12 min)
Lecture 20 – Unfixed Sides (2:49 min)


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