2006 Happy Training Italy Ischia-Capri Open (4 DVDs)

If you have not been there – you lost a lot, but there is still a chance to make it up, as the excellent lectures have been captured on DVD and are now available for you to study at home.

Happy Training Italy. Ischia-Capri Open 2006. Set of 4 DVDs contains lectures from the world's best recorded at the Dance Camp at the Ischia-Capri Open 2006 in Italy.
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Marcus Hilton MBE – Waltz (40 min)

How Quality in dancing can improve our dancing? We have to work on Quality to be provided an attractive and interesting performance. Introducing the three main actions of Waltz and some popular figures, Marcus explains the importance of the Quality in dancing.

David Sycamore – Slow Foxtrot (43 min)

David is explaining the timing of the correct action of the Slow Foxtrot, easily to understand by illustration of correct and wrong examples. Secrets of how to control the timing of many different rhythms by using different types of weight changes will be revealed.

Caterina Arzenton – Slow Foxtrot (37 min)

Slow Foxtrot is not a Swing Dance. Commenced by surprising declaration, she developed her explanation to our satisfaction. She also refer to the importance of the lady’s understanding of correct footwork, timing, body connection, center awareness and movement to be a good follower.


Espen Salberg – Rumba (39 min)

Espen is describing deeply on the Body Action, Timing, Connection and some important aspects of Rumba Character along the demonstration of Slavik and Elena. We can learn that Basic Principle is very important factor to improve the quality of dancing, no matter how complicated the choreography is.

Michael Stylianos – Samba workshop (44 min)

Michael invites you on the floor to experiment with the method to improve your dancing interesting and attractive. Simply by changing shape, timing, accent and by adding turns, your figure will dramatically transform into the fascinated ones.

Shirley – Jive workshop (34 min)

Shirley describes the very important characteristics of Jive, by demonstrating with Riccardo and herself. She introduces some effective exercises and combinations to make you understand this different characteristics of Jive.

Karen Hilton MBE – Tango workshop (39 min)

Describing the correct Posture, Timing, Style, Foot Speed and Body Speed of Tango. By using the participants dancing popular figures, she is verifying the importance of dancing in good balance with correct usage of foot, leg and body.

Donnie Burns MBE – Chachacha (45 min)

Understanding of how to use normal timing and syncopated timing, differences between a walk and a step, correct usage of delayed walk and normal walk are very important factor to improve your dancing. Learn the importance and make your dancing progress by analyzing Slavik & Elena’s choreography.

Denise Weavers – Tango (34 min)

The correct direction of the power for Tango, the correct posture and connection, frame and clear timing would be vital for Tango. She demonstrates and explain clearly how to dance and time Legato Slows and Staccato Slows differently.

Lorna Lee – Paso Doble (54 min)

The thorough research of the characteristics and background of Paso Doble will makes your Paso Doble attractive. It is important to know the background of each figures, and that background understandings will leads you the correct technique logically.

Caterina Arzenton – Waltz (28 min)

Caterina is describing the advanced technical aspects of Waltz, how to create deep Swing and Rotation action. By teaching a young couple, she explains contact position changes when they Swing, the correct leg action and awareness of common center.

Massimo Giorgianni – Quickstep (37 min)

Massimo lectures on his specialty Quickstep, explaining how to create Rhythm. Describing the 9 types of accents which together creates Rhythm, he demonstrates how you can create Rhythm by putting all these kinds of accents together. Put your feet on the floor, and let’s try!


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