Gunter Noris – King of Dance Music Vol.11

Rhythm/Style: Latin & Standard
Type: Instrumental
Brand: Gunter Noris


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1 Sunshine Foxtrot (Quick Foxtrot)
2 Sunshine Samba (Samba)
3 Sweet Bells Rumba (Rumba)
4 Sweet Teddy Bear (Slow Fox)
5 Sweet William Foxtrot (Foxtrot)
6 Sweetheart Romance (Rumba)
7 Swing All Night (Quickstep)
8 Swing and Jive (Jive)
9 Swingin in the Rain (Foxtrot)
10 Swinging Olympia (Quickstep)
11 Swinging Santa Claus (Jive)
12 Swinging Vienna (Slow Fox)
13 Tango by Starlight (Tango)
14 Tango for Two (Tango)
15 Tango Macho (Tango)
16 Tango of Fire (Tango)
17 Tango Ole (Tango)
18 Tango Passion (Tango)
19 Tango Seduction (Tango)
20 Taurus Tango (Tango)
21 Teenage Party (Jive)
22 The Fantastic Foxtrot (Foxtrot)
23 The Good Old Days (Foxtrot)


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