Die neuen Figuren des Standard (The New Figures of Standard)


The new figures of DTV Figure Catalog Standard. This is the DVD (also newly released at the German Open 2016) showing new syllabus figures in Standard.

Germany has introduced a new syllabus for the restricted classes. Now the WDSF syllabus is allowed for national competitions as well. Since Germany so far has only allowed Alex Moore (instead of Guy Howard) with a limited amount of figures and since in the WDSF books, more amalgations and figures are allowed, two DVD’s were produced to show those new figures.
Bonus: Free The WDSF syllabus E-book
The WDSF syllabus contains 72 new figures and combinations (figures from the ISTD book, the supplement and additions by Team Diablo in the WDSF Book)

Language: English
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Presented by: Petra Matschullat-Horn
Dancer (Instructor): Dumitru Doga & Sarah Ertmer
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions


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1. Drag Hesitation
2. Wing
3a. Fallaway Natural Turn
3b. Fallaway Natural Turn ending in PP
4. Running Weave from PP
5. Running Spin Turn
6. Overturned Running Spin Turn
7a. Running Cross Chasse
7b. Running Cross Chasse from PP
7c. Running Cross Chasse ending in PP
8a. Curved Feather
8b. Curved Feather from PP
9a. Running Finish
9b. Running Finish ending in PP
10. Outside Swivel
11. Progessive Chasse to L
12. Bounce Fallaway Weave Ending
13a. Quick Open Reverse
13b. Quick Open Reverse from PP


1. Whisk
2. Back Whisk
3. Telemark to PP
4. Open Natural Turn
5. Outside Spin
6. Reverse Pivot
7. In – Out


1. RF Forward Change Step (Natural to Reverse)
2. LF Forward Change Step (Reverse to Natural)
3. LF Backward Change Step (Natural to Reverse)
4. RF Backward Change Step (Reverse to Natural)


1. Whisk
2. Back Whisk
3. Double Reverse Spin
4. Outside Spin
5. Curved Three Step
6. Curved Feather from PP
7. Running Weave from PP
8. Quick Open Reverse Turn
9. Extended Reverse Wave
10. Reverse Pivot
11a. Hover Corte
11b. Hover Corte from PP
12a. Progressive Chasse to R
12b. Progressive Chasse to R with Weave Ending


1. Cross Chasse
2. Quarter Turn to L
3a. Outside Change
3b. Outside Change ending in PP
4. Impetus to PP
5. Telemark to PP
6. Whisk
7. Back Whisk
8. Zig Zag
9. Outside Spin
10a. Natural Turning Lock
10b. Natural Turning Lock ending in Closed Position
10c. Natural Turning Lock overturned ending in Closed Pos.
11. Drag Hesitation
12a. Running Cross Chasse
12b. Running Cross Chasse ending in PP
13a. Weave from PP
13b. Weave from PP ending in PP
14a. Natural Fallaway Turn
14b. Natural Fallaway Turn ending in PP
15. Wing
16. Wing from PP
17a. Curved Feather
17b. Curved Feather from PP
18. Running Spin Turn


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