Collection 6x Slow Jive, 7x Tango, 6x Paso Doble, 6x Jive

ALBUM LABEL: Dancelife
ALBUM ARTIST: Dancelife Dance Band
ALBUM DANCE: Jive, Paso Doble & Tango

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1Standing On The Inside (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalPop3:38
2Come Back My Love (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalPop2:21
3Just A Gigolo, I Ain’t Got Nobody (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSwing1:55
4Pretty Belinda (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalPop1:57
5Mockin’ Bird Hill (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalPop3:23
6Fine Brown Frame (Jive 36)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSwing2:32
7Por Un Cabeza (from ‘Scent Of A Woman’) (Tango 32)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSoundtrack2:17
8Cara Mia (Tango 32)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:16
9In A Little Spanish Town (Tango 33)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:06
10La Paloma (Tango 33)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:06
11A Media Luz (Tango 33)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:08
12Hernando’s Hideaway (from ‘The Pajama Game’) (Tango 33)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSoundtrack2:34
13La Cumparsita (Tango 33)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:29
14Valencia (3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 61)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:03
15Pepita Greus (3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:04
16El Pelicaro (3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:05
17Sombreros Y Mantillas (3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 60)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:03
18A Night In Cadiz (8 Beat Phrasing) (Paso Doble 60)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:03
19Espana Cani (‘Espana Cani’ Phrasing, 3 Highlights) (Paso Doble 61)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalOrchestra2:02
20Having A Party (Jive 44)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalRhythm & Blues/Rockabilly2:10
21Do You Wanna Dance (Jive 44)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalRhythm & Blues/Rockabilly2:08
22Runaround Sue (Jive 44)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalPop1:34
23Under The Moon Of Love (Jive 40)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalRhythm & Blues/Rockabilly1:46
24Mrs. Robinson (from ‘The Graduate’) (Jive 44)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSoundtrack3:18
25Hanky Panky (from ‘Dick Tracy’) (Jive 43)Dancelife Dance BandinstrumentalSoundtrack3:16


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