Believe In Basics – International Foxtrot Figures & Technique

In this DVD Victor & Anna offer an insight into how competitive dancers use basic figures to improve and enhance their dancing, making even the simplest figures look their most impressive. Through variations in rotation, speed and timing, Victor & Anna will show you how to produce and unlimited number of exciting combinations.
Rhythm/Style: Foxtrot
Dancer (Instructor): Victor Fund & Anna Mikhed
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 175 min.


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Introduction to Posture, Position & Frame
Routine Demonstration
1) Feather Step
2) Reverse Turn
3) Feather Finish
4) Hover Telemark
5) Natural Fallaway
6) Outside Swivel
7) Basic Weave
8) Fallaway Slip Pivot
9) Change of Direction
10) Three Step
11) Natural Turn
12) Back Feather
13) Curving Reverse Wave
14) Viennese Cross with a Reverse Pivot
15) Contra Check
Dance Demonstration


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