American Style Rhythm – Samba Silver Variations

Rhythm/Style: American Style Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Chris Morris
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions


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Produced in 1993

1) Grapevine to In and Out Run and Pivots
2) Samba Circle to Side by Side Samba Run
3) Alternating Pull Thru to Side Switches
4) Progressive Swivels to Outside Underarm Turn
5) Right Hand to Right Hand Turn Combination to Forward Run and Solo Spin
6) Closed Samba Pulls to Side by Side Volta and Pattycakes
7) Right Samba Rolls to Progressive Passing Runs
8) Open Hand Rocks
9) Mambo Breaks to Left Rolls
10) Side by Side Volta Combination with Jazz Walks

Approximately 69 minutes


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