American Style – Bronze Rumba Variations

American Style Bronze Rumba Variations DASFT319. Rumba lovers cannot miss this instructional dance video that contains the latest Rumba routines primarily for bronze level dancers. Felipe Telona, Jr. & Carolina Orlovsky-Telona will introduce you the beautiful collection of American Style Rumba Variations which takes you into the next level.
Rhythm/Style: Rumba
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 86 min.


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Intro to Bronze Rumba Variations
1. Open Break Underarm Turn
2. 2nd Position Breaks
3. Crossover to Press, Switch Turn
4. Full Underarm Turn to 3 Step Turn
5. Hip Twist
Demonstration of Figures 1-5
6. Curl, Progressive to Underarm Turn, Open Rocks
7. Underarm Turn with Ronde to Switch Turn
8. Box in Shadow with Roll
9. Same Foot Breaks to Curl
10. Opposition Breaks to Ronde with Underarm Turn
Demonstration of Figures 6-10
Freestyle Dance Demonstration


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