2021 Blackpool Dance Festival / Ballroom

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Relive the magic again as the Blackpool Dance Festival 2021 makes an exciting return! Incredibly, all of the finalists of last year join the stage again with more energy and skill level than ever before! Get front row seats and experience the show, which features Ballroom and Latin semi-finals, finals, interviews of Professionals and Amateurs and more!

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Level of Dance: Professional & Amateur
Approx: 110 min.


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Final Demonstration of Professional Ballroom:
1. Domen Krapez & Natascha Karabey, Germany
2. Stanislav Zelianin & Irina Cherepanova, Russia
3. Dusan Dragovic & Valeria Dragovic, England
4. Stas Portanenko & Nataliya Koliada, Ukraine
5. Fedor Isaev & Anna Zudilina, Russia
6. Gaetano Iavarone & Emanuela Napolitano, Italy

Final Demonstration of Amateur Ballroom:
1. Kyle Taylor & Izabela Skierska, England
2. Igor Reznik & Mariia Polishchuk, Ukraine
3. Alex Gunnarsson & Ekaterina Bond, Iceland
4. Michal Le & Sandra Jablonska, Poland
5. Li Si cheng & End Liis, China
6. Artem Kuklin & Alika Dika, Ukraine


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