2008 Blackpool Dance Festival Professional Latin


This DVD shows the best 48 couples performing at the British Professional Latin Dance Championships, which took place in Blackpool, England Wednesday 28th May 2008.

The dancing is amazing and you can truly analyze the couples’ movements, lead and follow in detail. Spectacular outfits and truly breathtaking show!
Rhythm/Style: Latin
Level of Dance: Competition
Format: DVD / All Regions


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  1. Michal Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Poland
  2. Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagorouitchenko, USA
  3. Peter Stokkebroe & Kristina Stokkebroe, Denmark
  4. Sergey Sourkov & Agnieszka Melnicka, Poland
  5. Franco Formica & Oksana Lebedewa, Germany
  6. Maurizio Vescovo & Melinda Törökgyörgy, Hungary
  7. Andrei Gavriline & Elena Kryuchkova, USA
  8. Eugene Katsevman & Maria Manusova, USA


  • Andrei Bushchik & Valeria Bushueva, Russia
  • Markus Homm & Ksenia Kasper, Germany
  • Alex Ivanets & Lisa Bellinger-Ivanets, England
  • Rachid Malki & Anna Suprun, Norway
  • Ryan Mcshane & Rachael Heron, England
  • Igor Volkov & Ella Ivanova, Ukraine
  • Eugen Vosnyk & Oksana Nikiforova, Germany


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